The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino was set to close early next year for four months as the property was changed in phases to be remodeled as the Virgin Hotel & Casino part of the new Virgin Hotels chain; Now comes news reported by KTNV and others that the hotel will be closed a lot longer than originally expected with a planned closure for eight months starting next year in early February.

By closing the property completely for eight months the change over might get finished sooner instead of working around hotel guests and visitors as you shut down the property in phases. Now opening date for the Virgin Hotel & Casino has been announced yet but January 2021 is when they are shooting for but it could open earlier if things go well.

It’s a shame to lose the Hard Rock but change in Las Vegas is something you always have to get used too as you might have a favorite hotel, bar or restaurant but there is a good chance it won’t last forever. Fans of the Hard Rock will find a new favorite place in Las Vegas and the iconic guitar sign is heading to the Neon Boneyard so you will still be able to see it after Virgin Hotels puts up their sign.