Corned Beef At Hash House A Go Go

Today i took a visit to Hash House A Go Go’s new location at the off Strip Rio. The new location replaces the former coffee shop which is down a hallway towards the Penn & Teller Theater, Rio Spa and their convention rooms. The hours are from 6am to 3pm daily which is similar to the former coffee shop that it replaced. Hash House A Go Go if you are not familiar with, has become famous for huge portions as you can see from the picture above. The service at this location like the other locations at the Quad on the Strip and the Plaza Downtown is friendly and attentive. The food itself is really good quality i had the corned beef hash which comes in flaky strips instead of the cubed variety many might be familiar with and was really tasty. The breakfast shown was $14 which isn’t bad for the quantity and quality although $4 for coffee seemed high but it is Las Vegas. The chef also must like pine trees because part of a tree was holding my bread together a little strange but okay. If you want to add a cocktail to go with your breakfast most of the specialty cocktails seemed to be in the $14 range each. I like tradional coffee shops but in this case i think replacing it at the Rio with a Hash House A Go Go was an upgrade.