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Tropicana Is Sold For $308 Million

The Tropicana Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip has sold in a deal for a reported $308 to Bally’s Corporation. The deal is for $150 million for the Tropicana’s non land assets plus a lease of $10.5 million for 50 years for the land.

Tropicana Entrance

In a press release Bally’s Corporation announced that they will explore significant redevelopment of the property so it you like the property as it is you might want to plan a trip in the near future. The resort is on a prime spot on the Las Vegas strip which used to be known as the four corners because four of the biggest resorts by numbers of rooms in the world at that time sit on the intersection at the corner of Tropicana and, Las Vegas Boulevards.

The parcel size is about 35 acres and has 1,470 guest rooms as well as 54,000 square feet of casino, a 1,200 seat theater and about 100,000 square feet of meeting and convention space The current owner of the property is Penn National Gaming who purchased the property back in April 2020..

What Does The Purchase Mean?

Regular guests of the Tropicana might wonder what will happen now Bally Corporation has announced they are buying the property. In the near turn not much will change the purchase has to go before Nevada Gaming Control Board for approval which will take. Presuming the Nevada Gaming Control Board approves the purchase which would most likely be approved as Bally Corporation is a known entity but stranger things have happened; After approval Bally’s Corporation takes over they will examine the property and decide what changes they will make.

If they decide to just remodel the property then it’s could remain open while they make the changes if they decide to raze the property and, build a new one the property could be closed for a couple of years, If they decide to remodel the property the will need approval from Clark County after they submit the plans also they would need approval to raze the current building with new plans approved.

Whatever Ballys Corporation decide to do nothing is going to change in the near future but if this is one of your favorite properties as it is i would visit again while you can.

Rose Rabbit Lie At The Cosmopolitan Has Closed

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas has announced that its supper club experience Rose, Rabbit Lie has closed after a seven year run the property. The show and dining format was the first of its kind but spawned many others imitating the format.

The Cosmo announced that the supper show will be replaced by a new restaurant concept with their partners at Spiegelworld the shows creators in the future.

Encore To Reopen April 8th

Wynn Resorts has announced that on Thursday April 8th the Encore will reopen fully with the hotel and casino returning to a seven day a week schedule instead of the hotel closing Monday through Wednesday.

Even though the hotel and casino will be fully open the restaurants and spa will still be open less hours so check with the resort or the particular location to get current hours during your visit.

Planet Hollywood Reopens During The Week

Planet Hollywood is returning to seven day a week operation after previously only operating the hotel on weekends. As restrictions because of the pandemic are lifted big crowds have returned to the city, the reopening is also good news for the hotels employees.

Sister property to Planet Hollywood the Linq also will reopen this month and, is taking reservations with rooms also available all week starting with Monday March 22nd.

Frontier Airline Adds New Flights From Las Vegas

Frontier Airlines has announced four new non stop flights from Las Vegas to El Paso, Oklahoma City, Little Rock and Wichita. These new flights are in addition to the previous added new flights from Las Vegas to Puerto Vallarta and, Los Cabos in Mexico.

To take one of the flights a face mask is required for customers and crew the whole flight. The airline will also have you complete a health questionnaire before flying.

As there hopefully is a light at the end of the tunnel of the pandemic all airlines are gearing up for more people flying again in the future. Airlines are also adding markets that they previously weren’t in which is kind of a land rush to new markets.

Once we get back to normal some of these markets could be dropped or become permanent depending on the volume of travers and, competition.

LV Yesterday: Fitzgeralds Hotel & Casino

In this the second installment of Las Vegas yesterday we explore the luck of the Irish casino former Downtown hotel & casino Fitzgeralds. The hotel & casino opened under the name the Sundance but we will explore from 1987 onwards when the hotel became the Fitzgeralds Hotel & Casino.

In the mid eighties when I visited Las Vegas i would often stay at the former Barbary Coast on the Las Vegas strip or if it was two expensive for when i wanted to visit i would stay Downtown next to what became the Fitzgeralds at the Four Queens.

I would often gamble at what become Fitzgeralds and visit the Mc Donalds just inside the door which amazingly is still there today. In 1987 the Lincoln Management Group took over the property and later renamed the company Fitzgeralds Gaming.

The property is unusual in that still to this day in that it has a two floor casino which has worked at this property but hasn’t elsewhere in Las Vegas. During the mid eighties Downtown Las Vegas often was subject to strikes by union workers and more than one occasion i saw strikers with signs outside properties.

The casino also had a section of twenty slot machines that paid back over 101 percent with a astrix next to the number on the signage. In theory paying back over 100 percent mean’t they were losing money on these slot machines as they were giving out more than they took in. In reality if you read the information about the slot machines only two of the twenty machines paid out the 101 percent but they didn’t tell you which ones. It was a marketing gimmick but it worked these machines were often very busy.

The Don Barden Years:

In 2001 the property went in to bankruptcy and, was bought up by the owner of the Majestic Star Casino LLC, Don Barden which was noteworthy because his was also the first African American casino owner in Las Vegas.

Don Barden bought Fitzgeralds as well as two sister properties in Colorado and Mississippi for $149 million. After taking over Fitzgeralds in Las Vegas he started a multi million dollar renovation of the property with new exterior paint as well as renovating the inside including the buffet, steakhouse and, showroom.

The renovations to the property did bring new visitors the hotel rooms themselves were Holiday Inn type rooms not very Las Vegas like but basic modern functional rooms.

The last version of the Fitzgeralds signage with the win a car out front which the replacement D does with a car in the same spot.

Don Barden in 2008 bought a stake in a slots only property in Pittsburgh but his company as a whole struggled financially until 2011 when Don Barden died.

Fitzgeralds Becomes The D

The question was what would become of the Fitzgeralds would it be shuttered or possibly be demolished well the answer came in October 2011 when the estate of Don Barden sold the property to someone well known to Las Vegas fans Derek Stevens and his brother Greg.

Derek Stevens took a 78 percent ownership in the property while his brother took a 22 percent share. The Stevens brothers took out the Luck Of The Irish theme which had become a bit dated and, kept the originally shell of the property and upgraded the whole place

After Derek Stevens took over and it became the D with the old Fitzgeralds signage.

Fitzgeralds was now more but changes like an upgraded coffee the addition of The Long Bar, the classic casino revamp on the 2nd floor were much needed improvements to a property which had seen better times.

One change myself and other Las Vegas bloggers weren’t really sold of was the change from the Fitzgeralds name to a single letter the “D” yes it played off to the brothers roots in Detroit but it was a little weird. The interesting part about it being renamed the “D” is that most of us including myself came around and, now are fine with the name.