The Four Queens is located downtown on Fremont Street and is one of the last remnants of old time Las Vegas. I have stayed here many times over the years and enjoy this place. It has had many owners over recent years and is a little worn in places. You may not get all the features of a strip hotel but what you do get is resonable priced rooms, player friendly rules on card games, friendly service, a really good coffee shop, a good gourmet room and easy access to Fremont Street. The hotel has two towers one is right on Fremont Street at check in they ask you which tower because the one on Fremont Street is noisy because of the Fremont Street Experiance. I usually stay in this tower because the noise doesn’t disturb me and i like taking the elevator down and being right on Fremont Street. The brew pub is small but the service is good and you can get really good bar food especially the crab cakes. Next to the brew pub is Magnolia Coffee Shop which is one of the best in town and overlooks the casino. Below Magnolia’s is Hugo’s Cellar which in my opinion is one of the two best gourmet rooms in town and is very romantic setting for a meal. On the table games they have things such as single deck blackjack which are getting harder to find. One note on the table games if you need to take a restroom break it is a little ways from the tables. I met the owners recently and they asked if there was anything i would like to see and i told them i missed the lounge that they used to have and, he said they were trying to bring music back. If you want to stay downtown and are okay with the fact this place doesn’t have things like a pool this is a good choice. I stay here often and may stay here again on my next visit. (800) 634-6045