The Golden Gate casino is located downtown on one end of Fremont Street. This hotel is one of the smallest on Fremont Street with only 106 rooms. The hotel rooms are are kind of on the small side and a little worn but still clean. If you want to stay downtown this can be a real inexpensive place to stay. The casino is narrow and small with low ceilings, it has mainly slots up front and then a long thin section with some table games. The limits on the table games are usually pretty low and the people are pretty friendly. To one side of the casino is the Bay City Diner which as i described in a different review is one ot the best coffee shops in Las Vegas. At the back of the casino is a piano player which seems weird in a smaller less grand property but it actually works and adds to the atmosphere. At the very back of the casino is a snack bar that sells some very good sandwiches and food. The snack bar is famous because it sells the 99 cent shrimp cocktail which is the best in town. This shrimp cocktail has been getting rave reviews for years and they also have a premium one for $2.49. I like to go in there to have one as a snack in the late afternoon and have it with a bottled beer. One thing about the casino is it does close down during the night i don’t know if this depends on how busy they are but it seems to me to be between 2am and 6am. Even when the casino is closed access to you room can still be got through the lobby. Overall i like this place but it is not everyones cup of tea, the rooms are real small which to me is not a big deal especially if you are looking for a budget room but i could see how people wouldn’t like that. At times when everyone else is full or really expensive you can often find rooms here even though they are small.