If you are looking to take your partner to a romantic restaurant while in Las Vegas i guess yes you cold take them to the Eiffel Tower restaurant at Paris or other Strip options but there is a Downtown option; Yes amazingly there is a romantic restaurant with amazing service and, good food in Downtown Las Vegas called Hugo’s Cellar at the Four Queens. Yes the food can be pricey but not as bad as some Strip options, upon arrival your partner will get a single red rose and you will be led to your table in a room that does look like you have a table in the cellar and the service as well as atmosphere is amazing.

They make the salads the old fashion way to order on a cart table side, the main courses are really good and the menu has a old time feel with dishes such as Beef Wellington or Rack of Lamb or deserts such as Banana’s Foster or Cherries Jubilee. I would suggest you make reservations in advance as this place can get busy, when you get to the Four Queens its located off the main casino floor down a few steps below the Magnolia Veranda.

Hours 5 pm to 10 pm daily

Phone (702) 385-4011 or (800) 634-6045