Okay i had a couple of people ask if some of the games in Las Vegas are rigged. The answer is a no definitely not. All games are regulated by the gaming board and if they did cheat they would lose their gaming license which is worth far too much money. Also they have no need to cheat the games are set up so the odds are in the houses favor. The players odds are better at some games like blackjack or craps and much worse on others such as keno or big spin for example. Even a bet on say red on roulette isn’t a 50% chance of winning because most wheels have 0 and 00 which are green which lowers your odds. The casinos keep a certain percentage of all money because of the way the games are set up. Steve Wynn recently said on CNBC that his casinos percentage of what is bet is roughly 20 percent and his job is to just get more people through the door. When you gamble it should be fun the games are fair but it is a gamble sometimes you win sometimes you lose but have fun.