Imperial Palace bought by Harrahs

The Engelstad family recently sold the Imperial Palace on the strip to Harrahs for $360 million. Harrahs hasn’t decided what they are going yet with the hotel; Most likely they will knock it down and expand the two properties on each side. The Imperial Palace is an older property and the rooms were okay but the big advantage for visitors was the fact you could get a room for a decent price in a high room rate section of the strip. With Harrahs taking over i can see these discount rooms not being available anymore. I enjoy going to the Auto Collection which is a car museum in the Imperial Palace which the hotel doesn’t own so i hope it finds a new home if Harrahs decides to demolish the Imperial Palace. One unique thing the Imperial Palace does is in the evenning hours they have celebrity impersonators as dealers on several of the tables. Its weird you can be playing blackjack and have a Madonna or Micheal Jackson impersonator as a dealer which is weird but fun. The Micheal Jackson impersonator creeped me out a little but thats just me maybe. Either way it would be good to visit the Imperial Palace if you haven’t been before while you still can.

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