Is Poker In Trouble In LV?

2014-01-30 19.52.22On January 18th the poker room at the newly renamed Linq Hotel closed adding to the list of the dozen or so poker rooms that have closed in Las Vegas in the last few years. Poker for many years was riding a wave of popularity as big online gaming operations illegal as they may have been got new players honing their skills online and then heading to Las Vegas to play in real life; This new found interest in poker spawned many television shows showing the top players in big money events as well as celebrity tournaments. During this time resorts all over town opened new or expanded poker rooms to accommodate the new players. This boom for poker changed after a clamp down by the credit/debit card companies being used to fund the online accounts and then later by the Federal government who went after the online companies. After the government clamp down the television shows for the most part disappeared and interest began to wane a bit so the fact some poker rooms are closing isn’t really a surprise as demand is lower. Poker in Las Vegas will survive but their were too many poker rooms for the demand so a shake up and the closing of some of the smaller ones wasn’t really a surprise.

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