Is The Days Of A Two Paper Town Over?

In these days when many towns are struggling to keep their one local paper the city of Las Vegas technically has two daily newspapers? The two daily newspapers are the Las Vegas Review Journal and the Las Vegas Sun both of which have their own separate newsrooms with writers and editors etc.

The reason why you might not have noticed two newspapers is they are operating under a joint operating agreement where the Las Vegas Sun appears as a separate newspaper delivered inside the daily Las Vegas Review Journal. The idea of the joint operating agreement is to preserve both editorial voices and has been operating in Las Vegas for thirty years.

The reason why we are discussing the joint operating agreement is the Las Vegas Review has filed court papers to end the agreement with the Las Vegas Sun. The Las Vegas Review has said that the Las Vegas Sun has failed to preserve the high standards of newspaper quality and the agreement is obsolete. The agreement only covers their print editions but not their online websites and the filed papers allege the sun withholds its local coverage from the print addition to drive people to its website.

Since the joint operating agreement was signed thirty years ago the industry has changed dramatically with more and, more people getting their news online instead of the daily print edition. If the joint operating agreement is ended the Las Vegas Review would likely be the only print newspaper in town as in a declining market for the print edition it would be surprising if the Las Vegas Sun owners would spent the money to print and distribute a daily print newspaper.

The Las Vegas Sun recently dropped its paywall online and it definitely has a big online presence including its Vegas Inc section which is competitor to this website. I personally do like the Las Vegas Sun and I hope both voices survive but i can see the joint operating agreement ending and, the Las Vegas Sun only online but we will have to see what the court decides.

Background Info:

I am a subscriber to the digital edition of the Las Vegas Review Journal and i do read both newspapers and enjoy both. Before you think i’m a Las Vegas Review fanboy i had issues in the past with previous ownership of the Las Vegas Vegas Review who hired a company to sue bloggers and others who posted something from the newspaper instead of sending a letter asking them to take the item down. I also don’t agree with the politics of the current Las Vegas Review owner but its a free country and, the more voices the better so i hope both voices survive in some form.

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