To retain a gambling license at a closed property, gambling is required on the site for a few hours every two years. This brings us to the closed Las Vegas Club and Mermaids in Downtown Las Vegas that Derek Stevens majority owner of the D Las Vegas has bought for future development. To retain a gambling license at both sites the Las Vegas Club will open for eight hours of slot play on June 27th with that same thing happening at the nearby Mermaids the next day June 28th. Usually the owner will have a slot company drop off a trailer on the site with about a dozen slot machines inside and after the eight hours close and drive off; Most likely in this case they will open the front of the casino and put a few machines there for gamblers which most likely the last chance to gamble in these casinos before they are redeveloped. The hours the casinos will be open haven’t been announced but if you are Downtown during those days you might want to check them out.