Recently Derek Stevens the owner of D Las Vegas bought the Las Vegas Club from Tamares the owner of the Plaza across the street and tonight the 86 year old property will close for good. It looks like Tamares will retain the rights to the Las Vegas Club name so whatever Derek Stevens decides to do with the property it will most likely have a new name. The table games have already been removed from the casino although the slot machines still remain so if you are around and want to play the slots for one last time there is still a little time left. The casino cage is likely to be busy as collectors of casino chips buy them up to add to their collections while there is still time. If you have old chips Las Vegas Club chips that you want to cash in usually for a time you can cash them in at another property, that hasn’t been announced yet but most likely that will happen at the Plaza across the street for a limited time. Derek Stevens most likely doesn’t know what he will do with the property yet and will have to wait until him with his team can look closely at the property as well as see what condition the structure.