The Las Vegas Review newspaper recently wrote a story that a major hotel casino will be imploded in the next 12-18 months and not one that has been mentioned before. The newspaper thinks it will be the Las Vegas Hilton. This makes sense to me as the property is a large lot right next to the convention center and is an older property. The Las Vegas Hilton recently finished a remodel of its rooms and lobby although in Las Vegas that wouldn’t make any difference on whether or not its imploded. The Las Vegas Hilton used to be called The International and was made famous because Elvis used to perform there. I have stayed at the Las Vegas Hilton many times over the years and I would miss it. It is a self contained resort with a huge casino that still has a huge selection of table games and isn’t all neon and is very pleasant to gamble at. The sports book is huge and the buffet is good value and I hope to stay there again soon.