Wild West and Las Vegas In 1969

The collection of Pathe newsreels from the 1900’s of has been added to You Tube, the historical collection from the former British news agency includes a treasure trove of reporting of major events in history as well as the more whimsical. Most of the newsreels are in black and white but there are some color ones such as the above report about the Wild West and Las Vegas in 1969. If you want to just get to seeing how Las Vegas was in 1969 just skip ahead in the above video to see some of the great resorts from the past .

One thought on “Wild West and Las Vegas In 1969

  1. In answer to a question The Mint shown in the video was next to Binions Horseshoe which later took over The Mint and combined the two areas. In more recent times Caesars Entertainment took over Binion’s just long enough to remove the Horseshoe name to use on other properties and then sold the renamed property now called just Binion’s. The former Mint part of the casino is the left part of the casino with the higher ceilings as opposed to the lower ceilings in Binion’s.

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