Las Vegas In For A Bad Time

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Pretty much every major resort in Las Vegas has announced recently about upcoming furloughs or even straight lay offs of thousands of employees in the next couple of months.

After some resorts reopened there was an uptick in traffic because of pent up demand but that soon faded. Right now there is no international visitors and domestic travelers are wary about flying during a pandemic which is understandable;

That leaves the Southern Californians who drive in to Las Vegas many especially on the weekends, many still will but with masks and a watered down experience many will stay home.

A fraction of the normal people will be visiting Las Vegas until maybe next year also with no shows, buffets or nightclubs it’s just a fact that the resorts will need less employees.

Many of the local restaurants or bars may not reopen and if they do with less visitors or locals with disposable income they will need less staff.

As I cover news for visitors to Las Vegas I am going to try to avoid covering every time a resort lays off or furloughs employees although I will cover the effects restaurants closing, shorter hours etc to inform the readers.

I visited Las Vegas in 2008 during the recession and remember restaurants closing during the week or only open for breakfast or lunch until we get a vaccine this is going to be far worse. Las Vegas goes through down turns and always rebounds and I’m sure it will again.

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