Okay we have all seen the comedy bits with Las Vegas lounge singers on television and in movies. But actually Las Vegas lounges are one of the best entertainment deals in town. The lounges some of which are basic and small and some which are quite large feature everything from Elvis inpersonators,cover bands to jazz and cuban music. The lounges for the most part are free or have a one drink minimum. Where else can you sit and watch a show for such a cheap price. Some lounges are open to the casino so if they are and have a one drink minimum you could sit by a nearby slot machine and play a few nickels and not have to buy a drink but that would be wrong of course. The places i like to go is the Plaza downtown which often has Elvis impersonators i know its cheesy but its Las Vegas; another place that i go is the Rio because they have good latin or cuban music. Other casinos like the Gold Coast have jazz or some lounges have karaoke which i think means death by singing, just kidding. Whatever your personal taste i think you will find something you will enjoy. I once watched Freddy Fender in the lounge at the Barbary Coast for free once and it was a good show. Also speaking about the Barbary Coast i read that Peter Vallee who plays the lounge as Big Elvis was sick i hope you get better soon.