Las Vegas Monorail Ambassadors

The Las Vegas Monorail which I have reviewed on this site before is still struggling to get passengers and has about 19,000 daily which is about half the number it needs to break even. If you are on the side of the strip from MGM to the Sahara I still recommend using the monorail although the resent raise in fares from $3 to $5 per trip makes it less desirable. To improve the sagging ridership the monorail has hired 20 very attractive women in old style flight attendant outfits to hand out monorail guides. The outfits are kind of like the ones you see in the Britney Spears video “Toxic.” The girls are there to remind people that the monorail exists although I cannot see it is going to boost ridership. The monorail is only useful for one side of the Strip and the there are many options to travel down the Strip and the monorail is also getting expensive.

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