An interesting trend recently in Las Vegas is at the newly opened Circa in downtown as well as The Cromwell on the Strip, that trend is not allowing kids on most of the property.

It’s not a new idea the Bellagio started it several years by not allowing kids in their hotel rooms but they were allowed in the public spaces except the casino.

Many years back Las Vegas tried to be family friendly to attract more parents with kids, what they found out was parents with kids have less time to gamble.

As the Las Vegas Strip resorts have remodeled they have go more upscale and, done everything they can to de theme the properties to make them less like a amusement park.

Rumors about the Luxor and Excalibur closing and being knocked down often go around because they are so obviously themed which makes them harder to move them upscale.

MGM have gone to great lengths to rework the Luxor but at the end of the day it’s still a huge pyramid which is kind of hard to hide; At the Excalibur they have just tried to hide the sad Disney imitation castle with ugly billboards which just make it worse.

Someone asked me if kids were going to get banned at all Strip properties of course not but I can see the more upscale properties doing in the future.

Properties such as the Mandalay Bay with its wave pool and beach as well as the Scary Clown Circus Circus with its theme park are always going to allow families with kids.

I’m not a fan of bringing your kids to Las Vegas but I understand while people do. I don’t think a place with gambling, girls to your room ads, drinking and smoking is the right place for kids.

Anyone that has been to Las Vegas several times has seen kids in strollers on the Strip late night or kids in the casino playing with slot machines but that’s their parents responsibility.

The majority of Las Vegas Strip properties will still allow kids for better or worse this isn’t going to change the resorts draw from all groups and, parents with kids is not one they give up on.

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