Yes amazing as the title suggests with an approximately 150,000 hotel rooms in Las Vegas on New Years Eve many of the towns big resorts can be sold out. Because of the huge crowds coming to Las Vegas for New Years you will very high rooms rates and things such as two day minimums; So what do you do if your main picks where to stay are sold out, well you do have a few options one choice is to check all the travel websites such as Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline because sometimes one will have allocations of rooms left over that another does not. Next I would check the hotels own website to see if they have rooms available there I would check the websites package deals to see if you can snag a room that way and, don’t forget to enter a players card if you have one. If still no luck you can try calling the hotel directly especially if they have a players club line as by talking to a live person I have found a room before even when everywhere else was sold out. Another option is to check out packages they offer on the hotels website which sell a show or event with hotel rooms. Finally if you cannot snag a room at the Strip resorts you want or for a price that fits your budget you have to look for properties near the Strip such as Palms, Gold Coast, Rio, Palace Station and Hooters. Other options include Downtown or if you want resorts way off Strip that have regular free shuttles then Sams Town or The Orleans might be an option. If you do stay away from the Strip just remember it will be closed traffic for New Years and with the crowds it will make moving around hard so get to your final location early.

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