The Park MGM announced that when it reopens this month that the whole property will be smoking free including its on site boutique hotel NoMad. The announcement was a first for a Las Vegas Strip resort in a town where smoking anywhere for many years in its history was the norm.

In years past  Strip resorts would section of generally slower sections of there casinos and make them smoke free to not much success. People would generally want to be where the action is even if their was people smoking there.

But over more recent times the numbers of smokers has dwindled as government taxes, campaigns and restrictions have cut down on smokers. People are also worried about the dangers of second hand smoke although the current pandemic and, people thinking about health is the final tipping point.

The Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino has announced that starting September 11th the property no longer allowed smoking in public walkways and resort corridors. This new rule includes vaping as well as smoking and allows smoking with restrictions in places such as the casino, lounges and sports book. 

The Cosmopolitan ban still allows you to smoke while gambling or drinking so it’s not a complete ban like the Park MGM but I wouldn’t be surprised if other Strip resorts come up with similar bans. The days of smoking almost anywhere on Strip properties I think are coming to an end which will be good for the majority of visitors and employees that don’t smoke.


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