Las Vegas Taking A Break Now What?

Everyday during the current crisis is news of Las Vegas Resorts shutting down live entertainment, buffets, bars, restaurants. sports books or poker rooms.

I visited Las Vegas several times in 2008 during the great recession which was a time when restaurants were closed or hours cut. The secondary casino service bars where shut down and many people lost their job.

This current criss is going to hurt Las Vegas far worse and it’s employees with already suffered large lay offs that have taken place. Las Vegas will bounce back it always does but it could be painful for a while and i wish everyone in Las Vegas the best until it does.

The question is what to do with a website about Las Vegas entertainment and things to do when a lot of that is going to be put on hold for the current moment.

In the current circumstances I have decided to take a break for two weeks and hopefully return April 1st; Hopefully after April 1st things will look different and i can carry news of things reopening instead of closing. Either way i wish all readers and their families the best and to stay safe as well as healthy in these troubling times.

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