Locals Casinos At Good Option

Locals casinos as the name suggest cater to local residents of Las Vegas as opposed to tourists. There is two main chains in the locals casinos the first is Coast Casinos owned by the Boyd Group and the second is Station Casinos as well as several independent casinos. If you are driving to Las Vegas and don’t have to stay on the strip or downtown the locals casinos can be a good option. Some such as the Showboat, Orleans, Gold Coast and Suncoast offer free shuttles to the strip. One big advantage of staying off strip at one of these casinos is easy access and avoiding the terrible traffic on the strip. You won’t find volcanos or pirate shows at these casinos you are more likely to find movie theaters and bowling alleys. Because they cater to locals the buffets are less fancy than their cousins on the strip but still good food at very good prices. A few are clustered together such as the Palms,Gold Coast and Rio but most are on there own so if you want to walk between casinos thats not always possible. Generally locals casinos are more slot orientated than other casinos and have the slots that the locals like. Slot clubs in these propertys can be pretty generous. The hotel rooms are nothing fancy but rooms in the Orleans for example are pretty large and a good bargain. Locals casinos are not for every tourist but if you have a car or are willing to stay at one that has a free shuttle and take it to the strip they can be a real bargain.

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