In Las Vegas right now getting a Uber or Lyft to your destination is nearly impossible a lot of the time. I asked one of the Uber drivers that was working why that was?

His answer was will the low traffic in Las Vegas right now most are collecting the extra $600 a week on unemployment. The extra unemployment money runs though July 31 at so maybe things will get better after that, for the moment I am taking cabs.

Saying it’s hot in Las Vegas at the moment is an understatement with temperatures in the triple digits. If you plan to visit Las Vegas in the near future stay hydrated and, make use of the CVS and Walgreens along the Strip for less expensive drinks.

The Strip is very flat and things look closer than they are so don’t try to walk long distances down the Strip in triple digit temperatures; Instead pace yourself and do it in shorter sections stopping to rest and drink.

In these temperatures I wouldn’t go to the pool I was born in England and go lobster red as soon as I see the sun. Okay maybe that isn’t as true anymore but I still wouldn’t but if you do use the pool be careful so you don’t regret it the next day; Put on a high spf sunscreen reapply often as needed.

If you drink try to mix it up with water so yo don’t get too dehydrated or drunk. Nothing worse than on a lounger feeling fine then you get up and your legs feel like jello and, the world is spinning as the alcohol kicks in.