For many years one way to get up and, down the Strip was by the Las Vegas Trolley but it wasn’t really a trolley it was a regular bus made out to look like a trolley bus.

The trolley bus had three routes which went in a continuous loop during the hours of 8:30 am to midnight.

Strip Route- Stratosphere To Mandalay Bay

South Loop- Mandalay To Grandview

Downtown- Greyhound Bus Terminal to Downtown Outlet Mall

I only took the trolley a couple of times on the Strip and i believe the fare was $1.25 one way but in later years it was $2.50 one way or $12 for a 3 day pass or $20 for a 4 day pass.

Why The Trolley Bus Stopped Running:

The trolley bus stopped running because of declining ridership but that was mainly due to how it operated and, competition. If you took the Strip trolley bus for example yes it would stop at every resort but it wouldn’t stop out front it would stop at the back of all the properties;

Sometimes that’s not too big of a deal other times you had long walks by or through the parking structures out back. Once the bus service was improved on the Strip and, the Deuce double decker buses appeared which stopped out front of each resort the trolley buses days were numbered.