The Magnolia’s Veranda at the Four Queens is a little bit of a throwback to the slowly vanishing traditional Las Vegas coffee shops. In recent times the traditional coffee shop has been replaced with local chains such as Hash House A Go Go or national ones such as TGIF. The fact they are replaced by these chains isn’t a bad one and they serve their purpose but like the traditional American diner the Las Vegas coffee shop is different from the chains. The Magnolia’s Veranda sits on a level overlooking the casino so if you get a window seat you can watch the people below push the buttons on the slot machines or roll the dice a little ways away. Because of its perch over the casino the restaurant has been used in many movies with the casino below as its backdrop. The food is standard coffee shop fair hardy with large portions and someone always ready to fill your strong coffee. The  Magnolia’s Veranda is also known for its $11.95 prime rib special which has been going on ever since i started to go to Las Vegas in the mid 1980’s the price has changed a little over the years buts it still a good value. To get the prime rib special price you have to be a players club member but its free to join to get the deal. It was Black Friday and on a bloggers salary i didn’t have huge amounts of money to brave the sales not that i wanted too so i decided to start the day off with breakfast at the Four Queens where i was staying. The service was quick and friendly and as you can see from the picture large portions and yes the ham and cheese omelet is large but it next to a huge portion of hash browns. The food was cooked well although i didn’t delve too deep in to the hash browns as that much starch at the start of the day would slow me down too much. So if you get a chance when you are downtown check out the Magnolia’s Veranda and the Four Queens for a little bit of classic Las Vegas.