The Market Street Cafe inside the California in downtown Las Vegas has long been a good place to visit for fairly priced food in as you can in the picture above a nice room. In the past all the resorts would offer late night food specials but that has become less common as the large Strip resorts have cut the hours of their coffee shops or replaced them with a themed restaurant. Many downtown as well as locals properties still have still have these specials which are worth checking out if are up and, want to save money.

On my last trip I was staying at the Main Street Station in downtown and I decided to head across the connecting bridge to The California to take advantage of the Graveyard Specials at the Market Street Cafe on the property. The Graveyard Specials are available every day from 11pm to 9am and include many items but the special I was interested is the $6.99 New York Steak deal that has been running for years at the property. Instead of the mashed potatoes which I picked you could also pick rice or French fries but I was craving some good mashed potatoes instead. For seven bucks you are not going to get top of the line steak but as you can see from the picture above it was a good cut and cooked perfectly. The mashed potatoes were good as was the vegetables which were cooked well which isn’t always the case. Restaurants often overlook the vegetables (I’m looking at you House Of Blues) or mushy, this is a personal pet peeve of mine but in this case they were good. I would return here again for this Graveyard Special or to try out one of the other specials offered.