On Monday October 3rd Marriot International opened their first time share resort in Las Vegas. The resort called Marriot Grand Chateau is located just off the strip between the Aladdin(soon to be called Planet Hollywood) and the MGM Grand at 75 East Harmon. The theme of the time share is a french countryside chateau in the nineteenth century. The resort includes a rooftop pool, fitness center and concierge and valet parking services. The resort also includes Marriots Activity Zone Experience and The Marketplace which is a convenience store. This is the first Marriot time share resort in Las Vegas but there are several over properties recently built by other companies such as Hilton. The explosion in time share properties recently by big name hotel companies in Las Vegas seems to see no end but i wonder how many the market will bare. I think because these companies are so well known world wide i think they have a big base to draw from and should do okay. If i owned a independent time share company with properties in Nevada i would be more concerned in my opinion.