As Las Vegas begin to reopen there was several reports including one from a Los Angeles Times reporter about the majority of people not wearing face masks in public.

After a spike of cases of Covid that has risen in Nevada and, many other states the Governor Of Nevada Steve Sisolak has made the wearing of face masks in Nevada mandatory.

The edict means its mandatory to wear a face mask in all in indoor public spaces as well as outdoor spaces where people may crowd where social distancing of at least six feet isn’t possible. The people exempt from the new rule include children under 12 as people with a disability or medical condition that prevents them from wearing a mask.

If you are eating or drinking at restaurants or bars you also can remove you mask. Employees at several Las Vegas strip restaurants have also tested positive which have forced closure at such places as the Mayfair Club at Bellagio and Northside Cafe at the Sahara.

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