MGM Resorts International announced the return of some of its shows starting with the Brad Garett Comedy Club which is being moved to the Studio Ballroom starting tonight. The move to the new space is to take advantage of the new 35 percent or 100 person capacity limit that goes in to effect today.

Shows are also returning to the Luxor this Friday February 19th with performances of Carrot Top and, the adult revue show Fantasy. I have seen both shows in the past and, i must admit i wasn’t expecting much from prop comic Carrot Top but the show was very entertaining,

Fantasy is an adult revue show basically scantily clad attractive women singing and, dancing while not wearing a lot. This show has lasted when others haven’t because some of the singers and performers are very talented not just attractive and, is a well put together production.

All the shows mentioned are likely to go to 50 percent capacity on March 19th when that’s allowed.