Over recent years technology has transformed the casino experience which sometimes has been good for the customers and usually always good for the casinos themselves. In the past we used to take buckets of coins to be cashed out at counting booths but then came along the technology for ticket in ticket out when you could cash your winnings out with a paper slip at an atm like machine. At first players missed the sounds of the coins dropping and the recorded winning sound wasn’t quite the same but the ability to jump from machine to machine easily and cash out quick without lugging plastic buckets of coins around soon won out. The change to the ticket system saved money for the casinos as well because the counting booth and change runner employees were no longer needed. The slot card also has made it easier for the casino to track your comps so you can get rewarded for your play but also makes it easy for example for the IRS to track your play and winnings. The latest piece of technology being tested in the casino is a drink voucher system at the Mirage where you get a drink voucher based on your play. Up until now you would sit down at a machine and flag down a cocktail waitress who would bring you a complementary drink as long as you were actively playing at the machine. The theory for the casino was especially in the larger properties by the time you got your drink back you would have gambled more than enough to cover the drink cost. Yes you could sit down at a machine in front of where the cocktail waitress was going to walk and put in a few quarters and order a drink and then not play again until you see the drink heading towards you but I don’t think that happened often. Players are not going to like this new system which means for example you could get a drink voucher after an hours play, I’m not a big drinker but I could see this annoying people that are. The vouchers are redeemable for twenty four hours from issue and will also mean a big reduction of tips for cocktail waitresses as less complementary drinks will be giving out. This system is likely to stick because it will save money for the resort companies but many players are not going to like it.