Most people when they go to downtown Las Vegas they pretty much stay to Fremont Street. In the past there was not much to do downtown outside of Fremont Street and the area around wasn’t the most safe for tourists. That is starting to change and if you walk from Fremont Street along the pedestrian area on 3rd street to the Lady Luck to the left of the hotel you will see some new businesses. The area is called 3rd Street Downtown and it includes Hogs & Heifers the famous New York bar as well as Triple George Grill a nice dinner or cocktail place and also now open is Celebrity which is a cabaret dance show and dance club. When Celebrity opened the Mayor showed up and there was pictures in the newspaper of him in drag which was not pretty. More businesses are planned for this area including a bar/lounge and a live music venue i hope this is the start of many new things to happen in downtown Las Vegas.