NYNY And Bellagio To Reopen First?

When Las Vegas gradually reopens it seemed probable that the two biggest operators on the Strip would open their many properties in stage’s and that does seem to be the case.

MGM Resorts International has announced that one of their lower end properties New York New York as well as one of their high end properties the Bellagio would be the first to reopen.

Both properties will reopen but likely with a partial opening at first with not all the rooms at both properties and not all services available. The restaurants that will reopen will also only serve food to go.

The other MGM properties will then slowly reopen under similar restrictions and things such as concerts as well as many shows seem unlikely until next year

If shows happen they are likely to be in restricted capacity showrooms or spaces with single performers such as Carrot Top as well as many single comedians instead of shows with bigger casts.

Until things change under the current pandemic there isn’t going to be huge crowds visiting Las Vegas so a partial reopen with limited capacity isn’t necessarily a bad thing unless unless of course if you are a furloughed employee.

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