Ongoing Shows: David Brenner

David Brenner a comedian who has been on the Tonight Show,HBO,The Late Show with David Letterman and so many other television shows has a permanent show now at the Las Vegas Hilton. I saw the show on my last trip and it was very funny. He talks about so many different subjects from a stack of index cards which he holds onstage. He talks about Donald Trumps hair and Dr Phil’s weigh loss book for example. The fact that Dr Phil has a weight loss book i always thought was funny but i degress. David reads headlines and other stuff on stage and finds humor in everyday life. He is funny without having to resort to being crude like many comedians do. The show is at 8pm every night except Thursdays in the Hiltons Shimmer Cabaret. The show is $50 which seems expensive for a comedy show but you are getting a headliner comedian so i think its worth the money. For information call the Las Vegas Hilton at (800) 222-5361.

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