Gambling Tip: Roulette

Roulette is one game that doesn’t have good odds for the player but its fun and easy to play. I do play roulette sometimes and let me give you a few tips to help your experiance. One place thats good to play roulette is the Monte Carlo because they have european style roulette wheels which only have a “0” instead of a “0” and “00”. This increases your olds because it means there is only 37 instead of 38 numbers on the wheel; Another tip is to place outside bets because even though the payoff isn’t as large as inside bets the odds of hitting them are better.


Mc Carren Airport On Track For Record

In the month of August a record number of passengers flew through Mc Carren Airport for the month. The airport for the month had nearly 3.9 million passengers which is up 6.7 percent from August 2004. One of those passengers was me and with the temperature around 104 degrees it was still crowded. At the present pace Mc Carren is heading for a new record of 44.5 million passengers and no sign of slowing down even with rising fuel prices.

Attraction Review: Le Boulevard At Paris

Le Boulevard is the shopping area at the Paris. I must say i do like this shopping area its very well done and looks like a french village. It has the fake sky ceiling and cobblestone or brick walk ways. The food here as you might expect is one area they excell at especially some of the pastries. The have the human statues that come to life as people walk by as well as a unique mix of stores. A lot of the stores are unique to Le Boulevard instead of the generic Gap and other chain stores you see at other shopping areas in town. Also located in Le Boulevard is the Paris Buffet which is one of the best in town. The only drawbacks i can think of is on Saturdays it gets real busy and also the signage is a bit corny at times like one i saw to Le Car Rental but thats minor. I would suggest a visit and if you take the monorail to the Paris station it emptys in to the Le Boulevard so its a good place to get a bite to eat.

Transportation: Shuttle To LV Premium Outlets

If you want to visit the Las Vegas Premium Outlets you can get a shuttle from the downtown transportation center. If you are on the strip you can take CAT bus 301 downtown to the transportation center. Once at the transportation center look for the bay with the Shoppers Express bus and for a $3 charge it will take you there.

Atraction Review: Carnaval Court

Carnaval Court is located right out front of Harrah’s. In fact if you are walking along the strip the sidewalk takes a turn through here and you have no choice but to walk through. On one side is some shops and in the center is a stage where they have free live music mainly in the evening hours. The bar in the centers bartenders entertain by singing,dancing,juggleing and even spiting fire. The area is cool and a nice place to stop for a drink if you are walking along the strip. One thing that can save you money is there is usually an employee from Harrahs giving out discount coupons to Harrahs shows or Harrahs buffet. The court is open from noon to 1am and worth a stop on your walk down the strip.

Review: Bay City Diner At Golden Gate

The Bay City Diner is located inside the Golden Gate which is on one end of The Fremont Street Experiance. As you walk in to the casino from Fremont Street the Bay City Diner is located to your right. This place is one of the best coffee shops in town its like an old diner but nothing fancy. What stands out here is the large portions of good food at a reasonable price. I love to go to this place for a good breakfast especially if i get up a little later and the buffets are crowded. An old fashioned good diner breakfast and plenty of hot coffee is a good way to start the day. Worth a stop for food if you are downtown its a good choice.

Atraction Review: Tournament Of Kings

The Tournament Of Kings show at Excalibur is a show thats worth the price of admission. If you have ever been to a Medevial Times this show is very similar.You get served a dinner by serving wenches which you eat with your hands. Then in the arena in front of your seats knights joust and sword fight. There is a magican as well knights fighting dragons. The food is good and eating it with your hands is fun like being a kid again. If you have kids and want to take them to a family friendly show this is a good choice. Right now they have two shows per night at 6pm and 8:30pm and is running $55 per person. That may sound expensive but you figure lots of show run closer to $100 right now and they don’t include dinner. (702) 597-7600