Cheap Skate Deals: 16oz Prime Rib

The California in downtown Las Vegas has been running this special for a long time its a 16oz prime rib and is available daily from 4pm to 11pm in the coffee shop. The prime rib comes with the all you can eat salad bar,vegetable,rolls and a great cherries jubilee for desert. This is a ongoing good deal and i have had it several times and room your eat it is very nice.


Transportation: Shopping Mall Shuttles

Boulder Station to Fashion Show Mall
Palace Station to Fashion Show Mall
Tropicana to Fashion Show Mall
Hard Rock to The Forum Shops

Fashion Outlet Mall:
This outlet Mall is in Primm Nevada on the border with California. Three trips a day leave from MGM Grand and New-York New-York; This shuttle isn’t free and last time i checked was $12.99 for a round trip.

These are just some of the shuttles to the malls available and hours change so check with the hotel.

Moneysaver: Saving Money On A Room

Okay before i visit Las Vegas the first place i check is airlines websites to see what package deals they have. This can often be the cheapest way if you are flying in to Las Vegas. Next i check the websites of the hotels i may want to stay at, often they have web rates or specials not found anywhere else. Next i look at package deals on the hotel website that include a room and show tickets; If you want to see a perticular show this can be a real bargain. Next i look at the travel sites usually Travelocity first and then Expedia and then others. One thing about the travel sites is one may have a realtionship with perticular properties and have lower rates so it doesn’t hurt checking several. Another thing with travel sites is lots of them will ad a surcharge for booking through them so add that on to your room rate when comparing. The next place i check is on the hotel reservation line and if you are a slot club or AAA member mention that. Signing up for a slot card is a good deal because they will offer you discounted rates and if you gamble or travel to Las Vegas a lot even comped rooms.

Attraction Review: M&M World

M&M World is located on the strip near the MGM Grand. If you love chocolate this is a chocolate lovers dream. This store sells everything you can think of and then more with the M&M logo and characters on it. Its spread over many levels with things such as a wall of M&M’s which has dispensers so you can get M&M’s by the pound in loads of different colors. In one section you can get chocolate truffles which are amazing. Towards the top of the store they have and M&M Nascar inside the store. Also when visiting you get to see a short 3D animated movie starring two M&M characters called “I Lost My M In Vegas” which is fun and free so the price is right too. If you are in to M&M collectables bring your money because they have everything you can think of.

Transportation: Free Hard Rock Shuttle

For many years i have seen the purple Hard Rock shuttles around town but even when i was at the Hard Rock i didn’t see information on when they run or to where. Recently i was at the Forum Shops at Ceasars Palace and i saw one stopped and got on. First of all they are real comfortable with leopard seat covers and rock music playing over speakers inside. They run on the top of every hour from the Hard Rock from 10am to 7pm with stops at Stardust,Polo Towers and the Forum Shops at Ceasars Palace. If you see them around town the driver told me that they will pick you up if you hail them and they are able to stop.

Transportation: Airport Shuttles

One way to get from Mc Carren Airport to your hotel and back is via airport shuttle. As you leave the terminal you will see several booths of the shuttle companies where you prepay and tell them where you are going and then they tell you where to wait for a shuttle. The shuttles have advantages and disavantages over other transportation. The main advantage is cost they are much less expensive than either taxis of limos. The cost to strip hotels one way is usually about $5 and downtown is about $7 and if you buy a return ticket its $8 for strip or $10 for downtown. The shuttles usually come by every ten minutes or so but the big disavantage of these is the time it takes to get you to your hotel if you are in a rush. They will wait and try to get a full load before leaving and also they have to drive all over the place to drop everyone off. My suggestion is if you are staying at a hotel on the south end of the strip you may want to take a taxi because you are close to the airport. If i stay downtown i usually take the shuttle because the shuttles are usually less full so there are less stops: Also because of the distance its much cheaper than a taxi and because all the hotels downtown are close together even if they have to drop off others there it doesn’t take long.

Review: Slots A Fun

This is a small casino in front of Circus Circus on the north end of the strip. This is basically an overflow joint of Circus Circus. The casino is usually very busy but its dirty and has the charm of a bus station. Cheap hot dogs and snack food can be had in the snack bar. They have some tables in the middle and usually have low limits. Several times a day they bring free stuff around for the gamblers coffee and donuts in the morning and then maybe finger sandwiches or hot towels at other times.