With the current popularity of poker on television many casinos have build new poker rooms or moved existing poker rooms from tiny back corners to larger rooms that are much nicer and more visible. As you walk inside the MGM Grand from the strip to the atrium with the large ceiling as you walk downstairs to the bottom the area at the bottom of the atrium is a huge poker room which was opened this year. The room is very sleek looking much different than the tiny back poker rooms of the past in Las Vegas. They have 23 tables in the room offering most popular games such as 7 card stud, omaha and probally the most popular on television texas hold em. They offer food service as well as the usual drink service as well as a massage service which is weird but guess its to ease your tension in case you are losing. I have seen other casinos offer shoulder massages in the high limit slot areas but hadn’t seen it in a poker room before. I don’t play poker but lots of people like it because you are playing against over players not the casino which just keeps a percentage of the money bet. Its not a game where anyone can play right off but its nice to see its moving from the smoky back rooms of casinos to be more visable in better facilities.