Pop Up Pizza Sign LitLas Vegas in recent years has seen a number of good pizza restaurants opening across town as resorts seem to jump on the latest trend. The current trend of pizza restaurants seemed to have begun when Secret Pizza opened in its unmarked location down a hallway on the 2nd floor of the Cosmopolitan. Apart from the cool factor of having to find Secret Pizza it also has what is still likely the best pizza in town; other contenders for the title could also be Pizza Rock in Downtown Las Vegas as well as the new Pinup Pizza out front of Planet Hollywood next to Pinks Hotdogs.  If Secret Pizza is most likely the best pizza in town then what is number two? That would have to be Pop Up Pizza at the Plaza in Downtown which is a worthy contender to Secret Pizza. Pop Up Pizza is off to one side of the casino near the parking garage elevators and its tables are near to the slot machines so you can soak up the Las Vegas casino vibe while eating your pizza. The pizza like all the places mentioned is New York style pizza no Chicago deep dish here the pizza is really good but I think what makes the pizza is the really good tomato sauce. Pop Up Pizza like the other places mentioned is a casual place you walk up to counter order your pizza a lot of them are ready to go, if not they will call you when done to pick up. The pizza here is an inexpensive food fix by Las Vegas standards as well as being tasty, if you want to check Pop Up Pizza out it opens daily at 11am and is open to 2am for late night food cravings.