Riviera SignA 60 year old resort fixture on the Strip may be living on borrowed time as rumors about the closing and redevelopment of the Riviera swirl with a possible closing time of May or June. For about the last month their has been talk that the property could be remodeled or redeveloped as a modern Riviera but now comes news that the LVCVA may knock down the property for a expanded convention center. The Las Vegas Convention and Vistor’s Authority has been buying up land around the Convention Center but mainly to the South of the Convention Center for expansion. One possible plan for the Riviera space as its across the street from the main building could be for a transportation center for the Convention Center which they have long wanted to build to ease the congestion at times such as the huge Consumer Electronics Show. If the LVCVA decide to buy the Riviera and build the transportation center on the site its location on the Strip half way between the busier part of the Strip and Downtown would have to be a plus. The Riviera has been a sad shell of its one time glory as years of limited money spent on it have taken its toll as it has struggled in a location which has come more remote as its surrounded now by empty lots and half finished resorts. Every time over the last several years I have visited the Riviera I have been greeted by large empty areas of the casino where tables or games once may have been and just no energy which is sad for this longtime Strip property seen in so many movies over the years. The hallways and 2,100 rooms at the property were always a strange dated mix and showed their age as they hadn’t been refurbished in a long time. Ultimately we would love to see the Riviera remodeled and brought back to its former glory but most likely it will close and the property being used for convention related activity is a good possibility as it’s a huge moneymaker for Clark County. The one constant in Las Vegas is change so don’t get too attached to your favorite property because at some point it could be gone either remodeled and changed completely or as is the case for many over the years such as the Sands, Dunes, Desert Inn or Stardust could be demolished and gone forever.