In the past if you played table games and wanted to be rated for comps the pit boss would keep track of you average bet every so often then write the number down on a sheet.

Comps is short for compenseries which is a small percentage of the amount of money you gamble that you get back for things such as free buffets or rooms based on your play. If you were a slot player in the past you wouldn’t really get rated for comps like a table player might, but since the appearance of the plastic players cards that has changed.

What a players card does?

Once you sign up for a players card you get a plastic card which looks similar to a debit or credit card with a magnetic strip on the back for the slot machines or card readers to read.

When the card is entered in the designated slot on the slot machine and the card is read properly then it will record your play and generate a point balance which is the comp value that can be used towards things such as free or discount buffets or rooms.

At a table game you put the card down on the table near you away from the playing area and the dealer or pit boss will take the card and generally will slide it through a reader and then hand it back to you.

How to sign up for a players card

Sometimes they will be people around the casino signing people up but generally you will go to the players club booth and stand in line and then show a government identification card or drivers license or a passport and fill out a brief form;

The form will include basics such as name and address as well as you social security number we will discuss why they need that later. Joining the players club is free and if you do what happens to lots of us where you leave it in a machine by accident they will replace the card at no charge.

Benefits of a players card?

A players card keeps track of you gambling at a property which generate points that you can use towards things such as paying for your room, buffets or purchases in the hotel store among other things.

You can use you card also often to get discounts as well as take advantage of cash back options at many properties and take your comps as cash although that’s not really recommended as you often get paid out in cash at a lower rate than using it towards something else.

The players card helps the resorts track you for special offers or things such as special discounts or invitations to special events. The players card benefits get better as you get to higher levels in their program each denoted by a different color card, higher levels may also allow you things like skipping lines at restaurants or checking in as well as bigger discounts also included may be things such as free parking and no resort fees.

Never bet more than you would normally bet just to achieve a higher level your comps are a percentage of you play so it would usually better to just pay for the free buffet or room etc, because gambling more just to get it will cost more than just paying for it.

Which property should i get a players card at?

The property you should get your card at should be the one you’re staying at or at one you are spending most of your time at, spreading a little money over several cards means you won’t earn much comps at any particular property. By signing up for a players card you will get on their mailing list which might generate slightly discounted offers even if you don’t bet much at that property.