On my last trip to Las Vegas a tourist by the SLS asked me where the stars of celebrities were in the pavement and, i didn’t really have a great answer for her but i remember some in various places on center Strip but no one location. First of all if you are not familiar with what is officially called “The Las Vegas Walk Of Stars” it is similar to the Hollywood Walk Of Fame and, in this case the cement stars in the sidewalk honor Las Vegas entertainment people.

The cement stars were removed in several places on the Strip during construction, but good news as it looks like the stars will have a new home as they are moving to the Linq Promenade in a location near the High Roller observation wheel. The new home will be a lot better for the “Las Vegas Walk Of Stars” because with the previous home being on the Strip it was hard to see the stars without blocking the heavy foot traffic on the,, so a new place where people can look and take pictures will be a big plus.