Silver Sevens Sign

The Silver Sevens is the new name for what many years was Terribles which was owned by the Herbst family yes the same company that owns those car washes, gas stations and tune up shops around town. Since Affinity Gaming took over the property and changed the name to Silver Sevens we were curious how the new owners have changed the property other than the name as well as signage out front. The former Terribles was known for inexpensive food deals and promotional giveaways well the inexpensive food deals are still there but not so much the giveaways oh well. I ate the buffet for lunch it was really inexpensive but the selection was really limited which wasn’t that surprising for an inexpensive buffet but the quality wasn’t great although the salad bar was good. If you are looking for an inexpensive buffet the Gold Coast or any other Boyd or Station buffet might be a better option but if you are here it serves its purpose. The casino itself seems mostly unchanged other than a few things such as the players club which is now called the ‘A Play Club’ booth being moved. The casino has high ceiling which has made it a favorite for customers who don’t like smoky low ceiling casinos. If you want to check out the Silver Sevens its over towards the Hard Rock area of town and its hotel rooms are pretty good value for money.