Yes there are still many free attractions in Las Vegas even though everything else has gotten more expensive in recent times. One such free attraction is the Silverton Aquarium which is located at the mountain chalet themed Silverton Hotel & Casino near the South Strip. If you plan on visiting the Silverton and the aquarium i would suggest if you don’t have a car to take a taxi or Uber to the property as its about 4 1/2 miles south of the Mandalay Bay.

The aquarium is  a huge 117,000 gallon glass tank filled with tropical fish and is located in the lobby right next to the Bass Pro Shop. The aquarium has three species each of sharks and stingrays as well as the thousands of tropical fish on display. Every day they have interactive feeding sessions where the staff biologist answers guests questions during the feeding show.

The attraction also features Mermaids swimming with the fish with free shows on Thursday through Sunday with them starting at noon every day except Sunday where shows start at 10:30 am.

While you are checking out the aquarium you might also want to check out the entrance from the resort to the Bass Pro Shop which is beautiful in its own right. The display includes an 18,000 gallon water feature modeled after Nevada’s Red Rock Canyon. The rock formations are filled with huge Koi fish as well as a flowing river with other wildlife such as turtles, ducks and sturgeon fish, three other smaller aquariums are located inside the Bass Pro Shop.

These attractions are not ones you are going to spend hours at but they are a nice break from action and crowds on the Strip.