Another victim of the current pandemic seems to be Sin City Brewing which announced on its social media accounts that it is closing.

I was a fan of Sin City Brewing especially the location at the Flamingo but it seems that location and it’s three other Strip locations won’t be back.

Sin City Brewing only brewed five varieties of beer and made them in small batches of 100 kegs at a time. The beer was of high quality but because of the limited production and distribution it wasn’t found outside the Las Vegas area.

Even in the current pandemic time I wouldn’t be surprised if someone makes an offer for the company or at least its intellectual property. The name and logo are clever and if someone could get a wider distribution deal with larger production there is value there.

I’m sure the overhead such as rent is huge for four properties on the Strip and, not being open for so long because of the pandemic was too much for the company.

If you are a fan of Sin City Brewing you can still get the merchandise at their website while supplies last.