I have been publishing online about Las Vegas since 2005 but myself and most of the contributors have been visiting Las Vegas for many years before that. The one constant with Las Vegas is change as one property comes down and are often replaced by someone else’s dream which may ultimately be replaced at some point in the future. Ever year people hold a press conference at which they show off new diagrams as well as fancy concept videos of planed Las Vegas resorts which most likely will never happen. Over the years there was numerous plans for London Bridge or San Francisco themed resorts as well as themes based on most tourist cities in the world. Some of the more unusual resorts proposed include a Beverly Hillbillies resort, The Palace Of The Sea with a Sydney Opera House and maybe mermaids and fish, Xanadu no not an Olivia Newton John movie themed resort although as she is headlining at the Flamingo maybe not far-fetched; The WWF also planned a themed resort no not the World Wildlife Fund because that would make a steak house at the resort awkward, no the World Wrestling Federation before they renamed themselves the WWE. Other notable resorts that didn’t happen include the Titanic resorts because nothing gives investors that sinking feeling is a resort named after a sinking ship. But where every wacky idea is proposed such as a space themed resort, yes that one did get built as Vegas World which was on the site of the current Stratosphere there are so many resort dreams that didn’t happen. The video above shows the SkyVue attraction on the South Strip near the Mandalay Bay which other than two support posts has never got any further, will it ever be finished who knows but their will always be huge resorts proposed that will never happen but the constant need for people to rethink Las Vegas will keep us entertained and sometimes impressed. (Video Courtesy of Sky Vue and Vimeo)