SLS Back To Sahara Today

Today the SLS Las Vegas will change its name again, but this time back to its original name which it had up to five years ago Sahara. The Sahara was the original name from 1952 when the property opened up until its closure in 2011.

The idea with rebranding the resort to SLS was to get members of the other SLS hotels and clubs to come to Las Vegas to party. The idea wasn’t a bad idea but with the SLS Las Vegas on a remote part of the North Strip away from the rest of the resorts it made it a hard sell.

The new owner of the property Alex Meruelo has spent $150 million on upgrades to the property and recently has announced additional upgrades including a planned 18,500 square foot two story addition.; The new addition is going to have a nightclub overlooking the pool area which should bring people to the hotel once its open.

Sahara At Night
The old Sahara sign at night

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