Something Different Indoor Skydiving

Okay skydiving to me is a little weird, jumping out of a perfectly good plane in mid air doesn’t sound like fun to me. Now there is a alternative and i might even consider doing this its called indoor skydiving. They dress you in a jump suit and then position you over a vertical current of air which shoots up from the floor. The air is so strong it lifts you up so you float like you are sky diving. You wear googles and the walls are padded so you won’t get hurt. The name of the company that does this is called Flyaway Indoor Skydiving and its located at 200 Convention Center Drive behind the Walgreens. The price is $50 per flight which includes training, not cheap but hey its a different experiance. You can also buy a video of your experiance. I have often seen discount coupons for $5 off in the free show magazines so you might want to check there first if you are going to try this. (702) 731-4768 *Updated Info*

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