Street Hawkers

As you walk down the strip you will see groups of people handing out cards. The cards contain ads for dancers that come to your hotel room. I don’t think all of them just dance but thats beside the point. They will try to put them in your hands and it doesn’t matter if you are with your wife and kids or girlfriend they will still try to hand it to you. I personally think this is not cool but its free speech i guess so oh well. Another think that they do now that they didn’t use to is snap the cards to get attention. The lastest people to hand stuff to you are people selling time shares or tours. They will hand you a discount coupon to a show and then try the hard sell on you after they stop you. My advice if if you are not interested in these services don’t stop just keep walking. Taking a card that has a picture of a dancer on it may not make your girlfriend or wife happy if she is next to you. Sometimes with the people selling time shares or tours i will take the discount coupon they hand me and then just keep walking; this is not what they want but oh well the coupon is sometimes useful.

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