2nd Floor Casino No More

California Hotel, Las Vegas

In Las Vegas a casino on a second floor is unusual and now we have one less as the second floor casino at the California has been walled off and closed as part of the ongoing remodel of the property. The  California has removed all the video poker and slot machines as well as closing the rarely open bar from the top of the escalators although all the retail in the hallway is still open. I played a little in the nearly deserted 2nd floor casino recently and machines themselves  were mainly older ones, its not really a surprise that Boyd’s might want to make better use of the space.

The sports book had previously been moved to an area off the main pit down on the first floor casino. No plans have been announced on what Boyd’s plans to do with the 2nd floor casino space although more convention space would be a possibility as there is some currently next door; Other options for the space could be a restaurant, more retail  or sports bar but we will have what actually happens for the former casino space.


48 Hour Room Check

Fremont Hotel & Casino

Boyd’s the owner of many locals properties such as the Gold Coast and Orleans as well as Downtown properties such as the California and Fremont haave announced a new 48 hour policy for rooms with do not disturb signs on the door. The new policy is called a safety and welfare check and is in response to the Route 91 tragedy where the shooter had several days to set up, in the past room service would want to enter the room after 72 hours with a do not disturb sign on the door. I myself am a night owl and like to sleep in late when i’m in Las Vegas and this new policy could be a little bit of an inconvenience but under the circumstances i understand the reason for it.

Point Multiplier At Boyd’s Today

Fremont Hotel & Casino

Today at the Boyd’s local properties and the three properties in Downtown Las Vegas are special point multipliers for members of the B Connected players card (free to join) but only for Labor Day. The multiplier is 15X on penny reels, 11X on other reels and 6X on video poker your card must be in the machine to work. The Downtown properties are California, Fremont and Main Street Station the local properties are The Orleans, Gold Coast, Suncoast and Sam’s Town. Check with your preferred property for more information and rules.

Boyd’s Adds Pacman Slots

As a kid of the 1980’s i’m a big Pacman fan as i spent hours and too many quarters at the arcade trying to get Pacman away from the video game ghosts. On my next Las Vegas trip i’m going to have to check out the new Pac Man Wild slots that Boyd’s has added to their seven Las Vegas properties although i think it could cost me more quarters that the 1980’s arcade game but oh well. (Video is courtesy of Boyd Gaming Corporation)

Gold Coast Buffet To Close?

Gold Coast SIgn NightTheir are rumors that the Ports O’ Call buffet at the near Strip Gold Coast may soon be closing to be replaced with a twenty four hour cafe concept which may be similar or the same as the Courtyard Cafe at sister property the Orleans. The rumors also include the possible closing of the Cortez fine dining restaurant at the Gold Coast with another restaurant to replace it. Boyds PR has no comment about the possible closing although Boyds did recently replace a restaurant at the California Downtown with a noodle house so a revamp of its restaurants across its properties which haven’t been changed for a long time is quite possible. The Ports O’ Call buffet was always one of the less expensive buffet options in town and it would be a shame to see it close, although i can understand boyds making changes to improve the income of its restaurants at its locations.

Penny Perks At South Point

The above video is  about a slot penny promotion for South Point on the South Strip for the month of February with a lady that is way too excited. Penny promotion have become popular in the last few years especially by locals casino such as Boyds who also has properties in Downtown Las Vegas. One note about penny slot machines is often need to play multiply pennies to get the big bonuses in some case up to 400 or $4 a spin so you might be better to play a 25 cent or $1 machine which has higher pay backs in Las Vegas but the penny machines are real popular.

Boyd’s Giving The California An Update

Over the last few years we have seen many properties downtown doing major overhauls such as the Fitzgerald’s being remodeled and, turned in to the D Las Vegas as well as the long shuttered Lady Luck finally reopening as a remodeled Downtown Grand; The Plaza also was remodeled in to well a new Plaza okay no name change in this case but the property was totally updated. It seems every major downtown property has done something even if it’s just adding a Fremont Street bar to the mix. A big exception to the updates seems to have been the Boyd properties downtown, which are the Fremont. California and Main Street Station. Boyd’s has seemed to be intent to pay down its debt and not make any major changes but that may have changed as they have announced the closing of the once popular Pasta Pirate at the California. Yes casino restaurant closings happen all the time but they happen less often downtown and very rarely at Boyd’s properties downtown. The replacement for Pasta Pirate is said to be an Asian noodle restaurant, which could do well with the Hawaiian and Asian package groups that the hotel brings in.   The footprint for the new restaurant will be larger than the current Pasta Pirate which will also include part of the main casino cage which has been located to the second floor for the moment. I don’t know if this is the start of Boyd’s updating all their downtown properties but any updates to properties are welcome.

Forty Percent Off Food At Boyd’s

Gold Coast SIgn NightIf you are member of Boyd’s B Connected players card they have a really good deal right now which is 40 percent off food at all Boyd’s owned restaurants when you play with points. The deal is good at all their Las Vegas properties including the California, Fremont and Main Street Station as well as properties close to the Strip such as the Gold Coast and The Orleans. The B Connected card is free if you are 21 or older with a valid id so if you are going to play at these or their other Las Vegas properties you might want to sign up if you plan on eating there.