Virtual Reality Coming To Linq

Linq Sign Las Vegas

It looks like virtual reality is coming to the Strip because real life in Las Vegas isn’t enough I guess. The new attraction would be at the Linq Promenade as Caesar’s Entertainment has filed plans for a 33 foot tall dome on the third floor deck that would have the virtual reality experience inside.

Looking at the filing with Clark County the details are vague which is often the case with these projects as the final project might change from the original proposal. What we know so far is the dome will be approximately 2,000 square foot with about 60 theater style seats to watch a cinematic production of about ten minutes. The dome would also have LEDs around the outside which most likely would be used for advertisements and information. These projects often don’t proceed because of often funding issues but as Caesar’s Entertainment is going this there is a good chance it will happen.


Total Rewards Name Change

Total Rewards properly the best known players club in Las Vegas from Caesars Entertainment has announced that it is changing its name to Caesars Rewards starting on February 1st 2019. Total Rewards wasn’t the first slot/players club but was a leader in not just not just counting your casino spending but also at things like restaurants and shows.

The name change seems unusual for a company that spent so many years promoting the name but as the company opens non gaming resorts around the world Caesars Rewards sounds more like a traditional hotel rewards program. On February 1st 2019 you can ask for a new card and switch it out but either card will continue to be excepted and your points, tier and level benefits wont change.

The website and the mobile apps will work with either card and if you decide to switch out to the new card your member number will be the same. If you have a Total Rewards Visa (R)  it will continue to work until new Caesars Rewards Visa credit cards get send out in the 2nd quarter of 2019.

If you want more information check out Total Rewards website or at any Caesars Rewards Centers starting February 1st of 2019.

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The Final Straw

Early this year we reported how MGM Resorts was phasing out plastic drinking straws at all its properties, now comes the news that Caesars Entertainment is now doing the same. At Caesars Entertainment properties in Las Vegas you can still ask for plastic straws or stirrers but they wont be provided automatically and some properties are already providing paper alternatives.

The elimination of plastic drink straws in Las Vegas  is part of ongoing national trend to eliminate the straws to be more environmentally friendly with companies such as Starbucks and Mc Donald’s also looking to replace plastic one time use drinking straws with paper or other alternatives.

I’m fine with the elimination of plastic straws and stirrers for environmental reasons as long as alternative options are provided so you can mix up he contents of your drink when they start to separate. I don’t know why but i have a picture of a shady figure behind a bar or casino who opens his jacket to show rows of plastic straws and telling the customer i have many colored plastic straws and small ones or long ones or even curly straws and a special on plastic stirrers; Okay maybe that’s my warped humor but it seems the evils of plastic straws are just the latest thing that some people jump on the bandwagon as is bad.

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Wynn Breaks Rank On Parking

Wynn Las Vegas Sign

In a climate in Las Vegas where it seems the two major Strip operators MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment are constantly raising parking charges comes news that the Wynn Las Vegas is making a customer positive change to its parking; Starting July 1st customers who spend $50 in the casino will have their parking fee comped which is similar to Downtown properties where if you spend money at the property you get your parking comped.  It would be nice if this was the start of a bigger trend to lessen parking and other fees but unless there is a big downturn in the number of Las Vegas visitors i cannot see that happening.

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Citywide Strike Threat Over?

It looks like the threat of a citywide strike from members of the culinary and bartenders unions may have lessened as MGM Resorts have followed Caesars Entertainment in reaching a tentative deal with the unions. This deal if it holds will stop a strike which was authorized by its members and could have happened as soon as June 1st but was delayed because of the ongoing talks.

If the deal is finalized with the two largest operators on the Strip it would mean that 18 of 34 Las Vegas resorts would avoid a possible strike and deals would still have to be made with the other resorts. A strike would be bad for Las Vegas visitors as well as the resort owners and, union members so hopefully the deals can be worked  out to avert a strike. The strike vote wasn’t just about money and concerns things such as employee safety and a big issue is job security in a time when technology could replace a lot of jobs. I have been visiting Las Vegas often for a lot of years and remember the strikes of the Eighties in Las Vegas as well as the last citywide strike in Las Vegas in 1984 hopefully that threat will be over soon.

Parking Charges On The Strip


MGM Resorts had announced that with the opening of the T Mobile Arena that they would start charging for parking at its nearby properties. The properties charging the fees are Bellagio, Aria, Vdara, New York New York and the soon to be rebranded Monte Carlo. The only way to avoid the charge is if you are have a Nevada driving license and are willing to have it scanned. I would expect this soon to become the norm on the Strip as i’m sure other companies are looking at this as another way to increase income. I wonder if Caesars Entertainment will have a campaign against the parking fees then turn around and add them and say the customers requested being charged so they added them, no i’m sure that would never happen. I cannot see off Strip properties rushing to add a parking charge as most of there business is locals who drive to the property and often visit several times in a month instead unlike a tourist.

Poker Cash Bets Gone At Caesars

IMG_20140318_114141Caesars Entertainment has announced that they are no longer allowing cash bets for poker at their numerous properties in Las Vegas. This announcement follows the recent announcements by fellow Las Vegas casinos MGM and Wynn who also announced that cash bets wouldn’t be allowed at their poker tables. The fact that Caesars followed other big companies in town in not allowing cash bets at poker tables isn’t really a surprise, especially since the Internal Revenue Service has been looking at cash transactions in casinos.

Caesar’s Raises Resort Fees

IMG_20140131_083925The company that made a big deal about no resort fees for a time, before introducing them to its properties Caesars Entertainment now has introduced a standard $25 before tax resort fee to all its Las Vegas properties. The new charge means that Caesar’s properties such as the Flamingo or Harrahs have a resort fee on par with such properties as the Bellagio and Venetian which seems crazy. In the past if you were a Total Rewards Platinum member you could avoid the resort fee but now you have to be a Diamond or Seven Stars to avoid the charge. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see one of the higher end properties to introduce a $30 or $35 resort fee in the new future or early in the New Year to see how high they can go before they get pushback from customers.