Saving Money At Buffets

For many years the buffets in Las Vegas with their seemly endless choice of food were seen by the resorts as loss leaders with their low prices just like the cheap rooms and inexpensive shows to get you to stay at the property and gamble in the casino.

This changed with all the celebrity chef restaurants starting to open in Las Vegas and the resort companies seeing the many things such as buffets as potential profit centers instead of a loss making service way to draw gamblers. The Cosmopolitan when it opened was a real game changer with its Wicked Spoon buffet that offered top quality food in small portions and became very popular so other higher end resorts  decided to up there game too with more expensive items.

If its your first time visiting Las Vegas and your budget allows i would go to one higher end buffets and experience one of the best buffets at resorts such as Cosmopolitan, Caesar’s Palace, Bellagio or Wynn just to name a few. But if you want to save money and not blow your budget at when eating at buffets there is ways to save money.

Meal Time:

One way to save money is to either eat early in the day as usually breakfast is less expensive than lunch and lunch is less expensive than dinner. Some people also like to arrive at the tail end of one sitting so they can get items off the next sitting without paying for it; Many buffets close down usually an hour while they change from breakfast to lunch and the same from lunch to dinner, some items may not be available as they switch but it’s one way to get items off the next meal for no extra charge.

Theme Nights:

Another option is to avoid buffets on dinner theme nights if you are not going to partake in the item that’s part of the theme, examples of are prime rib night, lobster night, seafood feast etc; If you are not going to have prime rib for example on prime rib night you are paying a higher price than normal for dinner for a item you aren’t going to eat anyways.

Less Expensive Hotel:

Most often the nicer the hotel the more expensive the buffet is but it’s also more likely they will have better quality and wider selection of food items available. If you are looking for less expensive options on the Strip then hotels such as the Luxor, Excalibur, Flamingo, Harrahs or even the Stratosphere are good options.

Caesars Buffet Of Buffets:

The Buffet of Buffets deal has been around for many years and i remember when it first started it was $19.99 but things have changed as the price now is considerably higher. The way the deal works is you pay the fee and then can eat as much as you want at five Caesars Entertainment buffets for 24 hours from when you pay.

Pricing is generally $10 higher if you are not a Caesars Reward member but its free to sign up and, you must be 21. The weekday regular price for Caesars Reward members is $59.99 and the weekend price is $69.99. If you want to add on Caesar’s Palace popular and expansive Bacchanal Buffet that is an add on starting at $25.

The question you might be asking does the Buffet of Buffets deal save you money that kind of depends on how you use it but to get your moneys worth you have to get three meals out of it which can be done with a little planing.

Near Strip Properties:

Las Vegas April 2012

Las Vegas April 2012

Another option is to head off Strip as prices are generally lower although there are several properties not too far off the Strip that can save you money. The Gold Coast, Palms and Rio are in a cluster a block off the Strip although if you walk you do have to navigate a busy freeway entrance and i wouldn’t advise walking when the temperatures are high. A free option to get to them is the Boyds shuttle that runs from the Strip to Gold Coast and another good choice the Orleans which is further off Strip.

The Palace Station which has recently gone through a refurbishment is another great option as thats also a long block from the Strip, i wouldn’t walk to this one its a long walk by a busy street but this buffet is also open at present 24 hours a day i would check current times before you visit.

Downtown Properties:

If you are heading Downtown anyways the three main buffets there are going to be generally less expensive than the strip with generally the Fremont the least expensive and then the Golden Nugget and Main Street Station a little more expensive.

Players Clubs:

Having a players card will often get you a discount on a buffet or you may get a bigger discount depending on your players card level or by trading in points. Off Strip or locals casinos are more likely to give you discounts with your players club but by using it when you often pay you often add to your points to use for comps.

Coupon Books:

Generally as the prices on Las Vegas buffets have gone up you see less and less discounts appear in the free coupon books and magazines; This being said it doesn’t mean you won’t find one as 2 for 1 buffets deals do appear for example so still worth checking out.

Sting Residency Coming

Caesars Palace Entrance

A new min residency has been announced and this one doesn’t even start this year its Sting at the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace with shows to begin in May of next year. Sting has been quiet for a few years but he has a huge fan base with his work with Police and then years of solo work so it is a good choice for the Colosseum and i wouldn’t be surprised if his mini residency is expanded maybe in to a full residency. Tickets go on sale April 29th with five dates in May next year the 22nd, 23rd, 27th ad 29th and 30th then three dates in June and then seven in August and ending for now on September 2nd of 2020. The show is being called “My Songs with the cheapest tickets starting at $59 with the usual taxes and fees.


Celine Dion Last Shows At Caesar’s Palace

caesar's palace

Celine Dion has returned to the Colosseum  at Caesar’s Palace to perform her final shows after over 15 years performing in Las Vegas with six shows this month and then shows in May with her final shows in June. The shows features 31 musicians in the orchestra and band with a show that has stunning backdrops while the multiple Grammy Award winner performs.

I went to watch Celine Dion perform at the Colosseum and to be honest it was because my friend had the tickets i would never have purchased the tickets for myself as not really my taste in music. I also couldn’t forgive Celine for listening to the Titanic movie song everywhere i went for several months; I was expecting to not enjoy the show that much but Celine Dion is an amazing performer and i actually loved the show so if you get a chance before the show ends i would suggest you see it.

More information link

Hells Kitchen Show Moving To Las Vegas

Caesars Palace Fountain

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey has announced that his hit FOX television show “Hell’s Kitchen” will move to Las Vegas with the show moving to the Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant which is on the Strip right in front of Caesars Palace. Gordon Ramsey made the announcement at the slightly delayed one year anniversary party of the restaurant during which he said that the 19th and 20th season of the show will be filmed at the restaurant with shooting of the show beginning very soon.

Since opening the January opening last year the Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant has been very popular with the 300 seat restaurant having served over 400,000 guests in a restaurant that is very similar to the sound stage where the current series has been filmed. By filming in the Las Vegas restaurant there will be plenty of people around to fill the restaurant during taping but filming a popular television show Strip side with huge crowds of people in the nearby area could be challenging but im sure it will work out

Water Grill To Open In Las Vegas

The Water Grill a popular seafood restaurant in Southern California has announced that it’s opening a Las Vegas location in the former space of Spago in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. The new restaurant is due to open February 15th next year and is owned by King’s Seafood Company which owns six seafood restaurant groups including the King;s Fish House which has a restaurant at the District at Green Valley Ranch.

Spago was a long time fixture at the Forum Shops having opened in 1992 before it moved to the Bellagio last June, its former space is a prime location which should be a great location for the Water Grill. The Water Grill has four locations in Southern California as well as a location in Dallas, i have visited the Costa Mesa location and had a very good meal with great service so I look forward to checking out the Las Vegas location.

Update March 11th 2019

The Water Grill restaurant was announced with a planned opening of February 15th of this year and then their Facebook group said Summer 2019 but now it looks like the restaurant may open by the end of this month. I guess we have to wait a little longer for dozen varieties of fish prepared daily for lunch and dinner or the chilled shellfish menu but if you love seafood it’s worth the wait.

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Green Fairy Garden Coming

Caesars Palace Entrance

Absinthe the very popular circus show at Caesars Palace has announced that a new food area is to be added to the performance tent. The new dining venue will be made out of two modified shipping containers that will contain food truck like food and drink vendors. Customers will take their food and drinks to large group tables just outside the entrance to the tent.

The new food area is being called Green Fairy Garden with the green in the name referring to the green color of the Absinthe drink and, the new area is also planned to have lots of green foliage as well as a 35 foot tree sculpture. So far Caesar’s hasn’t announced new tenants or a timeline for the new project but i’m sure we will get that soon, the area gets a lot of foot traffic apart from people attending the show so it should do well.

Lisa Vanderpump To Open Cocktail Garden

Forum Shops

Bravo television star Lisa Vanderpump has announced that she is partnering with Caesar’s Palace to open the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden in early 2019. The Vanderpump brand already has successful restaurants including Villa Blanca, Pump, SUR and Tom Tom with the Vanderpump brand known for impeccable decor and amazing style which make her restaurants unique and intimate.

The Las Vegas location will be in a prime space between The Colosseum and the entrance to the Forum Shops and will feature a garden like setting with with towering trees and romantic lighting while you taste small bites of food. The lounge area with have a full bar that will serve craft cocktails as well as Vanderpump branded drinks. and a small wine list.

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Celine Dion Ending Long Residency

Caesars Palace Entrance

Las Vegas performing legend Celine Dion has announced that her show which has run an amazing 16 years at Caesars Palace will end on June 8th of next year. Tickets for her final shows will go on sale this Friday and should be in high demand.

Celine Dion has been performing at Caesars Palace since 2003 in the Colosseum which is a 4,300 seat arena made especially for Celine Dion. The French Canadian singer returns October 30th with her final 52 shows being marketed as of course “Celine Dion: The Final Shows’ with the final concert dates as June 1st, 4th ,5th,7th and 8th of next year.

Tickets for members of her fan club Team Celine went on sale yesterday but go on sale for the general public on Friday at 10 am PDT time.

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Buffet Skip The Line Fee

Caesars Palace Fountain

The CosmopolitanWhen you thought it wasn’t possible to add another fee in Las Vegas comes a new one although this one at least is optional; Two of he highest rated buffets have now added an option to skip the line and get seated right away for an additional fee on top of the meal charge. The Cosmopolitan’s Wicked Spoon Buffet charges $10 to skip the line and Caesars Palace top rated Bacchanal Buffet has a $25 skip the line fee.

You will have to decide yourself if the skip the line fee is worth it to you but these two buffets are already two of the most expensive in town and i would go at a less busy time or go to a different buffet myself rather than pay the extra charge.

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Flixbus To Las Vegas


There are a lot of options on inexpensive bus service from Southern California to Las Vegas including Greyhound, Bolt Bus, Mega Bus and now the newest competitor Flixbus from Germany. Unlike the other competitors Flixbus doesn’t actually own their own buses and is a app an website where they take care of the booking of tickets as well as back end technology as well as the routes and marketing for the company; Each of the green Flixbus logo buses are run by independent bus companies that Flixbus has partnered with who provide the drivers and buses.

Bonneville Transit Center Las Vegas

Bonneville Transit Center Las Vegas

The first day of operation for Flixbus in the United States was May 31st but for time reasons on what would be a short time trip  to Las Vegas from Anaheim, California; I went with their main competitor Megabus on an overnight bus which is a service that Flixbus doesn’t yet offer. On the return trip the next day, yes i told you it was a short trip i decided to book with Flixbus from Las Vegas to Anaheim to try out there service and i also got a great rate which i will talk about later. On June 1st the bus had a 2 pm departure time from Downtown Las Vegas across the street from the Bonneville Transit Center.

The directions said to wait next to the tour bus signs but there wasn’t any signs but there was a no parking area across from the terminal and the directions did say to stand in that area. The bus showed up early in its green Flixbus livery and some of the people at the stop were from Flixbus journeys that had been cancelled the day before.

The driver asked if anyone was scheduled on the San Diego bus as we should have been contacted to make alternative plans as the Las Vegas to San Diego bus via Anaheim had been cancelled. My heart sank as it looked like i would either have to pay another night in Las Vegas or pay for a Mega Bus or Greyhound ticket which wouldn’t have been the end of the world except i would be paying last minute premium prices. The driver then asked where my final destination was and i said Anaheim and i would be fine as the Los Angeles bus would be ending at Anaheim today although a single male passenger and a visiting Indian family would have to take the train from Anaheim to San Diego and Flixbus would reimburse them later.

I found out from the driver that the company that was mean’t to operate the Southern California to Las Vegas service didn’t have all its permits to operate right away which was why several services had been canceled. Issues with brand new services happen but i’m sure Flixbus will get it solved and most likely by the time of this publishing they will have.  Either way the driver and a second driver who was just riding back to Southern California were friendly and courteous.

After i had my ticket on my phone scanned i got on the bus which was a brand new single decker bus which had a comfortable seat as well as a folding table on the seat back in front as well as a cup holder. The bus also had wi-fi which seemed to work faster than the wi-fi on Megabus but the Flix Bus was only half full at its busiest point so that might have been why. Another nice touch that the competition doesn’t have is once you sign in to the Flixbus wi-fi you get a screen with recent movies and television shows that you can steam for free.

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace

The bus stopped center Strip at Caesars Palace which is where most people got on before heading for California, one thing Flixbus doesn’t do at present is have a 20 minute stop at a Truck Stop or Barstow Station like its competitors do for the customers to use the restrooms, stretch your legs or purchase some food or drink but i can see this changing in the future. The first stop for the bus was in Victorville and the next stop was scheduled for Montclair but the drivers asked their dispatch to skip the stop as no one was scheduled to get on or off so they could save time so the people heading to San Diego could meet the 8:55 pm train from Anaheim to that city.

The next stop was in Downtown Los Angeles in a parking lot across the street from Union Station bus terminal but not actually in the terminal itself. The final stop on the journey was the Anaheim Artic Center which is  couple of miles from Disneyland but is near to the Honda Center where the Ducks NHL team play and near Anaheim Stadium where the baseballs Angels who were paying at home when i arrived. The bus arrived on time at 8:05 pm giving plenty of time to the passengers that still had to complete there journey on the 8:55 pm Amtrak train to San Diego from the Artic Center train station.

The ticket price for this journey from Las Vegas was 99 cents and yes you did read that right they were advertising rates at $2.99 as a low rate to get people to try the new service although when i booked they had for a while moved the price down to 99 cents. These introductory prices won’t last and the normal prices would most likely be in the $20 to $30 range although i can see prices in the $10 to $20 range lasting for quite a while as the new company does battle with its main competitor Megabus in pricing as well as other competitors Greyhound and Bolt Bus. It will be interesting to see who will win this competitive price war although i could see the part Greyhound owned Bolt Bus pulling out of this market, whoever ultimately wins for the moment it means really inexpensive tickets for the customers which is a good thing.

I would use Flixbus again as long as the price was right as they do offer a better service than their competitors and new service problems will be worked out if they haven’t been already, either way its less expensive option when traveling to Las Vegas from Southern California and, well worth checking out.

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